It is hard to pin point when exactly I discovered a passion for art, It could very well have been when I was 5-years old and sitting in class and doodling on my desk or possibly even when I first laid my eyes on paint.
All I know is that when I did find art it made me overwhelmed with excitement knowing I could paint a vision that I could see in my head, I discovered the exact same thrill the day I had an opportunity to start my career in 3D Art.

Within the various different specialities of 3D Art I am predominantly most sophisticated with 3D modelling, however I am not saying I do not possess talent in other areas of this craft.

My professional background originally started within Games Development, however within the time I have had in the 3D industry I have had the luck to try out almost every side of what a 3D artist's manditory skill set can get them which includes Visualization, Product Design, Visual Merchandising, Exhibition Event, POPs, Games & Film. I am confident to say I have become familiar with what each side of this industry has to offer.
Within my background in Games Dev I have worked on titles such as 007 Legends for Xbox 360/PS3/PC & WiiU and as a prop artist for other unreleased games still currently in Development.

The idea of "Dream On Little Dreamer" is actually one of the most significant quotes to me as a person and my work.
Dream on Little Dreamer comes from a song called "You Got To Go (Owsey Remix)" by Above & Beyond ft. Zoƫ Johnston, This song through my perspective talks about following all the signs you are given. Do not miss out, if it's there take it and always strive for more.